Is your management software too small for your business?

Using a management system adapted to the reality of a business is fundamental to ensuring a strict control and guaranteeing maximum efficiency. However, too often we see businesses that use applications that are too small for them. In general, they have simply never reassessed their needs based on their growth and have never made the decision to make the transition to a solution more adapted to their size.

We have to admit that switching to a better performing management application is not an easy process at first glance:

  • The management solutions market is huge.
  • We are often biased towards our current software (familiarity breeds comfort).
  • It’s not easy to determine the threshold where a change in software leads to efficiency gains that justify the investment.

When does a business benefit from upgrading to a higher level?

The answer to this question varies considerably according to the business sector, management style, etc. However, certain signs do not lie.

The current software is now much slower.

Entry level management solutions are not optimized to manage the big data of a fast-growing business: Large volume of transactions, multiplication of accounts receivable and accounts payable, large number of employees connected to the software, etc.

If your management software seems slow and is slowing down your team, you may be using a sedan to try to do the work of a tractor-trailer.

Need more flexibility for inventory management, such as planning and Bin Tracking.

Inventory management is often the bottleneck of a management application, particularly when the business has several warehouses or when you want to identify the specific containers in which merchandise is found.

Inadequate inventory management almost automatically leads to an increase in losses and theft.

Obvious need for customization of the work environment

If your team has to take long detours in your software to be able to perform current tasks, you lose substantial efficiency (and money) and it would be to your benefit to get a more flexible application.

The more advanced a management application is, the more it is designed to adapt to the practices and workflow of the businesses that use it. Entry level applications are useful when the processes are simple and consistent, but usually adapt poorly to the most complex needs specific to businesses that have a large business volume.

Need more flexibility in the sales process (multiple addresses, several currencies, numerous price lists, etc.)

If your software forces you to zigzag through the application to define the necessary parameters each time you enter a transaction, you would probably save a lot of time by acquiring a tool that lets you get straight to the point.

If you have any doubts, have your needs assessed by professionals

We have been developing and rolling out accounting and management applications to support businesses of all sizes for over 25 years. A number of our customers who today hire hundreds of employees got their start doing business on their own in their garage. By working with them to adapt their management solution while they grow, we have been able to support them from their beginnings.

Your business is growing and you need an application that will grow with it? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to discuss your needs with you and we can also help you determine if you can make significant efficiency gains by acquiring a new management system.


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Pierre-Luc Paquin

Pierre-Luc Paquin

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Pierre-Luc Paquin is a seasoned entrepreneur and an expert in rolling out business management solutions. A graduate in economics and finance, he understands the needs of businesses and the issues related to growth.

A Sage 300 certified consultant, he has been working with Sage products for almost 10 years.

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  1. An informative post regarding the cost of HR software. Setting up an hr software is really cost saving even a small business enterprise can afford it.

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