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Each year, the TPAC (Third Party Advantage Conference) is the preferred meeting place for businesses that develop complementary products for Sage 300. Throughout the conference, these businesses demonstrate their latest innovations and expertise to visitors. For our consultants, this is an excellent opportunity to update their knowledge and to ensure that they are always able to offer their customers the most recent technology.

To give you an idea of the products that were featured at TPAC 2016, our consultants have prepared a list of their top 10 favourites.



Autosimply Manufacturing Order

AutoSimply’s Manufacturing Order is used to convert an order received from a customer into an internal manufacturing purchase order. Linked to a bill of materials, Manufacturing Order is used to determine the quantity of products to manufacture, the raw materials needed, the type of manpower required and material consumption. This module is meant for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses.



XM Symphony – Cloud – e-commerce for Sage 300

Designed for rapid, low-cost deployment, the XM Symphony solution seamlessly integrates an e-commerce system in Sage 300. XM Symphony offers optimum performance in B2C and B2B settings and the platform adapts to any type of business.



Norming Resource Manager

Norming’s Resource Manager is a tool for tracking resources used by employees: expenses, time, etc. It includes a self-serve portal that employees use to request resources in real time. Fully integrated with Sage 300, the application greatly simplifies the expense request and approval process.



TaiRox Productivity Tools

TaiRox Productivity Tools is a toolbox that optimizes work flow with Sage 300. It includes several dozen functions, including SmartFinder, which searches Sage 300 data



Sage Inventory Advisor

Sage Inventory Advisor is an intelligent cloud tool that can be used to optimize inventory. It uses objective data to forecast inventory needs and helps to prevent stock outs and overstocking.


Orchid Systems

Orchid EFT Processing

Easy to configure and use, Orchid’s EFT Processing is used to make electronic funds transfers from Sage 300. Paying suppliers directly by bank transfer accelerates the payment process and reduces the time spent printing, folding and mailing cheques.



Systronics Stock Aging Report

Systronics Stock Aging Report is a tool that allows Sage 300 users to know the age of the products in their inventory. It is especially useful for businesses that want to be able to better plan their inventory turnover and to sell products that stay on the shelves too long.



TaiRox Fast DB Tool

TaiRox’s Fast DB Tool is a utility that optimizes the processing of large databases and saves a considerable amount of time. For example, data dumping and loading that would normally take 12 hours can be done in 4 hours with Fast DB Tool.



Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is a powerful business intelligence tool that compiles Sage 300 data and displays it on clear and elegant dashboards. It helps in the decision-making process by condensing information vital to company’s operations into a digestible format.



Realisable Iman

Realisable’s IMan is a data integration solution that allows users to handle and harmonize data from various sources in order to have it work with Sage 300. With IMan, virtually any application can be integrated with Sage 300.

Interested in one of these products?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your consultant or Jean-Philippe Hamel, our business development manager.

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Denis Carrier

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Denis Carrier is Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of the SMB Solutions division of ACCEO. Denis primarily oversees the operations surrounding our Acomba and Avantage products, as well as our SAGE 300 practice. A CPA for over 35 years, Denis is among the top Sage 300 (Accpac) consultants in the province of Quebec. With his vast experience as partner in an accounting firm and head of a technology company, he is sensitive to the priorities of professional accountants and entrepreneurs, particularly in terms of ERP projects.

Involved in the community, Denis is member of the board of directors of the Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Québec and founding member of the Course pour les enfants ACCEO. He was also part-time professor at HEC Montréal for 25 years and a member of the CICA Competency Map Committee.

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