Carl Allain

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Carl Allain

Corporate Architecture Specialist

At ACCEO since 2007

A computer science expert with a solid background in the development and implementation of complex solutions and large-scale systems in a variety of business fields, Carl Allain has over 20 years of experience. Before joining the ACCEO team, Carl worked in a variety of technologically complex environments at Cognos (which has since been acquired by IBM), Desjardins Securities, and National Bank.

Much has happened since an adolescence replete with thousands of lines of code, and Carl has both witnessed and experienced information technology’s exponential evolution. Self-taught and multi-skilled, he has a background which qualifies him to play a key role in the contracts and projects entrusted to him. Over the years, Carl has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and exceptional expertise, honing his outstanding global and strategic vision.

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Java vs .NET – from an original dispute to a conceptual convergence

I voluntarily used Java in my article title without qualifying it as neither a language nor a platform to remind us about the conflicting visions Sun and Microsoft had in the 1990’s (Oracle acquired Sun later on) about what Java was supposed to be. Back then, Microsoft wanted Java to be just another programming language […]

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